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Key Topics in S&OP - 2020

4. Please check the top 2 items you'd like to improve about your S&OP process.
5. Which function sponsors your S&OP process?
6. What level is the sponsor?
7. Does your S&OP process have a Portfolio Review as part of the regular cycle?
8. What do you include in your Portfolio Review meetings? (Choose all that apply)
9. What strategic topics do you discuss in S&OP? (Likely Executive S&OP, but choose if addressed in any of the S&OP component meetings, and choose as many as apply)
10. To what degree have you integrated financial planning with S&OP?
11. To what degree have you integrated the budgeting process with S&OP?
12. What operational metrics have improved? (Choose all that apply)
13. What financial metrics have improved? (Choose all that apply)
14. What less tangible items have improved? (Choose all that apply)
15. On average what % improvement in performance would you attribute to S&OP?
16. Which IT systems/tools do you use to support S&OP? (Choose all that apply)
17. What capabilities do your S&OP systems/tools have? (Choose all that apply)
18. Are you fully utilizing existing tools or need new tools?
19. How would you rate the maturity of your S&OP process?
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