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Yarra Trams Early Works Plans

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Yarra Trams Early Works Plan
Feedback is invited on this Metro Tunnel Early Works Plan from 14 March 2017 to 3 April 2017.
This Early Works Plan (PDF) has been prepared to provide an overview of the works Yarra Trams will deliver.  Early Works will be delivered in accordance with the approved Environmental Performance Requirements, as defined in the Metro Tunnel Environmental Management Framework (PDF), and the approved Urban Design Strategy (PDF). The Minister for Planning must approve the Early Works Plan prior to the commencement of Early Works covered in the Plan.
The Plan only covers the scope and impacts of works that Yarra Trams is responsible for delivering across the project in Toorak Road West and St Kilda Road from April to August 2017.

Please note: these dates are a change from the April 2017 dates that were previously communicated.

The Yarra Trams Package of Early Works covered in the Melbourne Metro Incorporated Document include:
  • The construction of two new tram stops and associated infrastructure
  • Utility relocation works 
  • Tree management and tree removal 
  • Road and transport network changes 
  • Associated construction activities 
Scope of feedback
Anyone may comment on the Early Works Plan during the inspection and comment period prior to the Plan being submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval.
Please note, comments that relate to activities which are not part of the Early Works scope will not be considered as part of the Early Works Plan comment process.

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Further assistance
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