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Peer Educator Application

Peer Educator Application

Upon completion of the form, you will hear from Vandal Health Education staff within seven (7) days. The staff member will contact you to schedule an interview and time for a short presentation. Please prepare a 10-15 minute presentation on a health topic of your choice. More details will be available via email.

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We have internship and practicum opportunities through various departments. Through which department are you seeking credit? Please select other if none apply.

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Below are potential internship topics or focus areas. While all students can work within and between topics, it is important to identify your own passions. You will have the opportunity to focus on topics that are most interesting to you. Please rank the following from most (1) to least (5) interesting.

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19. What peer education responsibilities are of interest to you (check all that apply)?
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Please attach resume and cover letter stating why you are interested in an internship as a peer educator with Vandal Health Education.

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