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Haeng Won Application

Please make sure to fill out all the necessary fields COMPLETELY so that the application can be processed promptly.
1. Personal Details
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2. Program Details
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3. Health
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5. Kwan Um School of Zen Membership
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6. Practice Record
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Haeng Won Work-Study Applicants need a recommendation from their Guiding Teacher. Please have the Teacher submit their recommendations directly, by email, to:
Declaration of Understanding and Commitment:

• Haeng Won Work and Study Residents (HW) need to be clearly aware that the Temple’s functioning depends on their presence and reliability.

• Once you are formally accepted to the HW Program, if for any reason you change your plans and cannot participate, then LET MUSANGSA KNOW ABOUT YOUR CANCELLATION IMMEDIATELY, SO THAT WE CAN ALLOW OTHER WAITING APPLICANTS THE CHANCE TO BE IN THE HW PROGRAM. If you do not do this, your application will not be accepted again in the future.

• Musangsa admits HWs for a minimum of one month and a maximum of up to 3 months if approved, with the possibility of extensions. During Hae Jae (non-retreat period) a HW can be approved to stay for 2 months. During Kyol Che (retreat period) an applicant needs to have at least one month Hae Jae experience at Musangsa before participating in 2 months of Kyol Che period as a HW, which makes it 3 months.

• Applications for three months stays will be preferred.

• Extensions of residency are discussed three weeks before the end of residency in order to facilitate any travel or flight plans.

• In case of emergencies, if a HW must leave before their residency finish date, HW should give at least two weeks prior notice to ensure the temple finds a necessary replacement and in order to enable another applicant to make the travel arrangements.

• HW will receive free room, board and practice schedule (i.e.bowing, sitting, chanting and Basics of Buddhism Classes) for the duration of their stay in exchange for helping with temple duties 5-6 hours a day 7 days per week.

• During the Program, in order to maintain practice oriented mind, the possibility of going out of the Temple will be limited, except for mountain walking, organized group cultural events like Family Days or Pilgrimages and medical emergencies. Please schedule your time in Korea in such a way that all your personal plans or journeys happen before arriving to Musangsaa or afterwards.

• HW are aware that work and practice schedules are flexible and subject to change by their coordinator according to temple needs and circumstances.

• HW are expected to follow guidance of the Teachers at Musangsaa, Head Monk, Housemaster, Do Gam Sunim or other Sunim assigned to coordinate their stay.

• Should Musangsaa rules be consistently broken, HW will be given two formal warnings, followed by a third warning by Teachers. If the rules concerned are still broken, the HW may be asked to leave.

• To foster a focus on practice HW are asked to wear Haeng Won uniform, keep a modest appearance, avoid bright colors, jewelry and keep their hair tied back. Helpful and polite attitude towards parishioners, other Temple staff and Sunims are a basic requirement.

• HW understand that Musangsaa is not liable for accidents or responsible for medical expenses incurred during their stay. HW are responsible for providing for their own health insurance needs.

• It is requested to take good care of any medical conditions before arriving to the Temple. Should a chronic illness appear HW will be advised to return early to their home country to ensure proper treatment. Therefore it is recommended to purchase a plane ticket with an easy-to-change departure date.

• HW understand that Musangsa cannot cover any travel expenses including their visa renewal, if applicable.
7. Declaration *This question is required.
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From time to time, group photos are taken during programs at Musangsa. Do you give permission to Musangsa to allow your photograph to be taken during participation in Musangsa's programs? The photos will only be used to promote Musangsa's activities and will not be used for any other purpose or by a third party. *This question is required.
Do you give Musangsa permission for your email address to be stored in Musangsa's mailing list, so that we may notify you of future programs? Your email address will not be distributed to a third party. *This question is required.
Please submit a recent photo of yourself separately by email to with your name and dates for your Haeng Won participation.

Important: This application will be received and approved by the Guiding Teacher before the applicant is admitted to the Haeng Won program. The same applies to former participants.
MUSANGSA                    T: +82 42 841 6084                    F: +82 42 841 1202