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Ethical Dilemmas in Mentoring

Submit an Ethical Dilemma from Your Mentoring Work to Dr. Kevin Jones

Thank you for your interest in submitting an ethical dilemma from your mentoring work to Dr. Kevin Jones, for his column on the National Mentoring Resource Center blog. Due to limitations of time and space, Dr. Jones will not be able to publish a response to every submission. However, all submissions will also be considered for publication in an ethical decision-making “workbook” that is currently in progress. Please feel free to contact Dr. Jones at for more information about that project if you are interested. Please note that your name and email are requested here for internal records and for follow up with you if needed to clarify your question/scenario - they will not be shared publicly. However, please be sure to remove any identifying information from your question/scenario when you share it below, including names of individuals or organizations.
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