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Melbourne Metro Rail Authority

Vulnerable Road Users and Truck Safety

Your Privacy
Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) is committed to protecting your privacy by fully meeting its responsibilities under the Privacy and Data Protection Act.  For further details please see our general Privacy statement.  MMRA is using the services of Survey Gizmo for the collection, aggregation and analysis of survey data.

You may elect to complete the survey on an anonymous basis.  If you choose to provide us with personal information, health information or sensitive information, please read the below text to ensure that you are aware of how your information will be handled.

The information collected in this survey will be used within MMRA to understand the key contributing factors relating to road risks associated with vulnerable road users and trucks.  All information will be permanently de-identified before it is disclosed to any third parties.  In this instance, MMRA intends to disclose de-identified information to safety working groups representing both vulnerable road users and truck drivers, in order for those groups to identify trends in the key behaviours involved, and to develop influence and engagement strategies to help improve these behaviours.

MMRA is using the services of Survey Gizmo for the collection, aggregation and analysis of survey data. The information you provide is transferred to Survey Gizmo via a secure URL which has 256 bit encryption and is stored in Survey Gizmo's secure data warehouse. The information collected in this survey is transmitted and stored securely in the United States and is accessed by MMRA in accordance with the Survey Gizmo privacy policy.  By completing this survey, you agree to this transfer.

You may decline to provide information by not responding to this survey.  If you do provide a survey answer you consent to storage of your survey answer offshore (outside of Australia).  This means that once you have chosen to participate in the survey MMRA will not have an obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure that Survey Gizmo does not breach the Victorian Privacy Principles in relation to personal information that is given to Survey Gizmo.  You can access Survey Gizmo's privacy policy here.

By submitting any information in this survey, including sensitive information or health information, I consent to it being collected by MMRA and used within MMRA.  I also consent to the transfer and storage of my information off shore in the United States.  If the information relates to someone other than me, I am authorised to give this consent for that person.