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Fernie Coworking and Business Acceleration Centre


As part of its community-building efforts, the Fernie Chamber of Commerce is looking to build a coworking centre in the community to help bring individuals who might be working on their own into a common shared and collaborative space. Often these people previously work from home, or in public spaces like libraries or coffee shops.

Coworking spaces often have a variety of workspaces, private offices and meeting rooms that can be used full-time like a traditional office space, or just for a few hours when needed. By bringing together a number of users, coworking facilities often provide access to better equipment than people can afford on their own.

As social spaces, coworking centres also help to bring communities together, encouraging interaction between people who might otherwise not connect on a professional basis. This social interaction can lead to a sharing of skills, services, and introductions.

Example Coworking Space
Example Coworking Space