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Animal Shelter Post-Adoption Survey

1. Were you greeted upon entering the Prince William County Animal Shelter?
2. Do you feel the staff and volunteers who assisted you were knowledgeable and respectful while assisting you in selecting your new pet?
Yes, very satisfiedYes, satisfiedNeutralNo, somewhat unsatisfactoryNo, unsatisfactory
3. Did the adoption process--including paperwork, policies, and procedures--seem reasonable to you and easy to understand?
5. Did you receive the information needed to assist you with caring for your new pet?
6. Do you feel that our fees are reasonable?
7. Did the facility look clean and inviting?
8. If your pet was spayed/neutered by one of our veterinarians, were you happy with the service you received there?
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
10. Would you recommend our Shelter as a good place to adopt?
Definitely wouldProbably wouldUnsureProbably would notDefinitely would not