17 NBC Post-Event Survey

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Post-Event Survey
2017AAPS NBC Post-event Attendee Survey

Your feedback helps us ensure AAPS’s future meetings meet your needs! Please complete this short survey about your experience.
Everyone responding will be eligible for a complimentary registration to the 2017 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition.
1. What were your goals for this meeting? (Check all that apply)
2. What were your top three goals for this meeting?
3. At what point are you in your career?
4. How did you use the networking time built into this year’s schedule?
5. Did you use the themes of the meeting to make decision about what sessions and events to attend? (Check all that apply)
6. Did you find the themes helpful in deciding what to attend?
7. Did you find the themes helpful in deciding whether or not to register for the AAPS National Biotechnology Conference?
9. Did you attend a Continued Conversation?
10. If you attended a Continued Conversation, did you enjoy the format?
12. Did you enjoy the format of the Learning Lounge?
14. Did you attend an exhibitor seminar?
15. If you attended an exhibitor seminar, did you enjoy the format?
17. Did you enjoy the format of the poster sessions this year?
19. Did you attend a Focus Group Social? (Check all that apply)
20. If you attended a Focus Group Social, did you enjoy the format?
21. Would you recommend this meeting to a colleague? 
22. Did you learn anything or make any contacts during the meeting that will help you with a project you are currently working on?
23. How will the meeting help with your current projects? (check all that apply)