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High Fives & Fist Bumps

High Fives & Fist Bumps: Welcome

High Fives & Fist Bumps
On-The-Spot Recognition Program
What are High Fives & Fist Bumps?
Every day in AITS, our employees display countless acts of awesomeness that positively impact customers and fellow team members. High Fives & Fist Bumps is a program created to recognize these acts and reinforce our Human Capital vision to “provide the type of environment employees seek for their career home because it is an awesome place to work.”

The purpose of the High Fives & Fist Bumps program is to recognize employees at all levels (yes, students, extra help, senior leadership, too) for their day-to-day efforts that contribute in a special way to getting the job done and improving the work environment of AITS, making it an awesome place to work. Under this non-monetary awards program, customers, supervisors, and peers may give immediate recognition to recognize and reward employee excellence (or awesomeness, office swagger, positive mojo, etc., as the case may be). 

What Kinds of Things are High Five & Fist Bump-Worthy?
The exact criteria are up to you. We encourage you to catch AITS employees in acts of excellence, big or small, that demonstrate our values in action and positively impact customers, teams, the department, the university, and/or the community.

How to Give High Fives & Fist Bumps in 3 Easy Steps:
  • The customer, supervisor, or employee decides that an action/behavior s/he observed of an employee is worthy of recognition.
  • The only rule about writing High Fives/Fist Bumps – be specific about the act.
  • Complete a High Fives & Fist Bumps nomination form by clicking Next below.
Why Should I Participate in this Program?
Recognizing others feels good, and it’s the right thing to do. It also aligns with our core people value. Ready? Set. GO!

Can I Recognize Multiple Employees With One Form?
Yes!  This form will allow you to recognize as many colleagues as you want with one form. Please note that each person added will receive an individual email, but the body of the appreciation note will be the same for all recipients. If you would prefer to personalize, please submit separate recognition forms.

(Information on this page is also available by PDF here.)