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ISTH Training Fellowship

The ISTH Training Fellowship Program (ISTH-TF Program) is intended to provide support for short-term training opportunities for early career professionals (clinical or basic research) in the field, who wish to study at host institutes known for their expertise in thrombosis and hemostasis. The program aims to promote knowledge and expertise in one or all of the areas of medical/clinical care, laboratory methods or basic or clinical research in this field. The ISTH wishes to provide financial support to short term collaborative projects, to enhance knowledge of a new clinical subspecialty or to learn a new laboratory or research technique.   Funds will be designated for Fellowships in each of the following areas:  bleeding disorders, clotting disorders, diagnostics and basic research.

The TF grants will provide fellows with financial support for travel, accommodation and living expenses for a fellowship period of up to two (2) months. It is intended for clinicians and scientists at an early stage in their career (within 10 years of completion of PhD or completion of clinical subspecialty training).

Applicants for the ISTH-TF Program must be residents of a high-income country and members of ISTH at the time of submitting their application and retain membership status during the period of the fellowship program. Residents of developing countries should apply for the Reach-the-World fellowship.

Two fellowships annually are dedicated to supporting the European thrombosis and hemostasis community, and offered in partnership with the European Hematology Association (EHA). To be eligible to receive one of these fellowships, participants must be a member of both ISTH and EHA and be from or planning to train in a European country, in addition to meeting the other qualifications for the fellowship. 

Application period opens May 1. Application deadline is September 15.
Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

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