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Welcome to Flying Aces!

From in-city commutes to transoceanic flights, we are constantly in motion between the people, places, and experiences that give our lives meaning. But how we travel between here and there, and how we connect with what matters most to us everywhere in between, is always evolving. 

TEAGUE designs new futures in travel and technology, solving problems and fulfilling aspirations in ways that break new ground. Creating new futures is a brave endeavor, that’s why we need your help! We need your experience, expertise, and perspective to help make better products, services, and experiences.

Flying Aces contribute to making the world of commercial aviation a better place, one experience at a time, through user-centered design research.
As a Flying Ace you might be invited to participate in early product testing, take surveys, be interviewed one-on-one, or share your opinions in focus groups. Some of these opportunities require in-person participation, but many are online. Sharing your thoughts and experiences with us will help us understand what matters to you most. Most Flying Aces agree that these engagements are fun and inspiring to participate in!

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How and when you participate is completely up to you. If you are a match for one of our studies, we'll contact you to share all the details, including the compensation being offered. Once you have the information, you can decide whether or not to participate. It’s that simple!

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