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Young People


The Aim of this local objective is to improve the capacity of young people, youth and community organisations across County Louth through processess of engagement, and participation at local community, social, environmental and economic development levels.

This Expression of Interest Form MUST be completed by anyone wishing to start the application process for LEADER funding.

Submission of this expression of interest does not guarantee the approval or funding of any subsequent application to the LEADER Programme.

No supporting information is required at this stage.

​If you have any difficulty in completing this form or would like any assistance please do not hesitate to contact the LEADER Team at: 041 685 7374 or by emailing 

EOI Ref. ID:   21LDRLOU____________________      LEADER Theme: Social Inclusion

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3. Has the enterprise/organisation received LEADER funding previously?
6. Is the project located in a Gaeltacht area?
7. Is the project located on an Islands area?
8. Please give a brief breakdown of your estimated expenditure.
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9. Please supply a brief breakdown of how you intend to initially fund the project? (This should equal the total at question 8 and not include any LEADER funding)

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Part or all of the information you provide will be held on computer and hard copy format. This information will be used for the administration of Expression of Interests and producing monitoring returns. LAG’s may share information with each other and government departments/agencies to enable them to prevent fraudulent applications or for detecting crime and to co-ordinate processing of complementary applications. It may also be subject to meeting obligations under the Freedom of Information Act as amended.

This policy does not affect your rights and your information will be held as prescribed under the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003.

If you are happy with the details you have entered, the above information and wish to continue with the LEADER expression of interest process, please press Submit