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HPC TACHP Nurse Survey

Effective Communication Training Feedback Survey

Thank you for your participation in the Health Promotion Council’s Technology Assisted Children’s Home Program (TACHP)'s Effective Communication training.

Please take a moment to complete this survey which asks about your thoughts and opinions of the training.  Your responses will help us improve the technical assistance and services we provide to families and nurses providing care to technology assisted children.

TACHP is managed by the Health Promotion Council, an affiliate of Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), a non-profit, public health institute located in Philadelphia, PA. TACHP is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Before you get started, we’d like to give you some more information about the survey.
  • Your participation is voluntary, and you may skip any questions you do not want to answer.  You may also choose to end the survey at any time.
  • The survey is designed to take about 5 minutes.
  • There are no right or wrong answers or ideas – we want to hear about YOUR experiences and opinions.
  • All of the comments you provide will be maintained in a secure manner.  Your responses will be combined with other information we receive and reported in aggregate as feedback from all respondents. In our project reports, your name and your employer’s name will not be linked to the information or comments you provide.
  • There are no risks or benefits to you personally for participating in this survey.
  • We are interested in your comments so that we can improve TACHP. If you have any questions, you can contact LaMia Bryant.  Her phone number is 267-765-2307 and her email is