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System Administrator Software Updates Survey

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TITLE OF RESEARCH: Investigating How System Administrators Manage Software Updates






You are being invited to take part in a research study. Before you decide to participate in this study, it is important that you understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. Please take the time to read the following information carefully. Please ask the researcher if there is anything that is not clear or if you need more information.


Purpose of the research:

This research is being conducted by Dr. Marshini Chetty at Princeton University.  We are inviting you to participate in this research project because you are at least 18 years of age and you are working as a system administrator.  The purpose of this research project is to determine how to improve software update mechanisms by gathering feedback on how system administrators manage software updates for groups of machines.


Study Procedures:

If you agree to be in this study, you will be asked about your knowledge and experience with managing software updates in an online survey. This survey will ask you general questions about your current software updating practices, your comfort level with technology as well as your general experiences with software updates. The survey will take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete.


Only the research team will have access to the survey data. The files are kept for archival purposes but will again not be accessible to anyone beyond the study researchers. All quotes used in the study will be used with a pseudonym or participant code to ensure your identity is not disclosed, unless you provide permission otherwise.


Your total expected time commitment for this study is: 15 minutes


Benefits and Risks:

There will be minimal risks involved. No personal data will be collected apart from your email addresses which will be required for further communication. No direct benefits will be provided for participating in this research.




The following procedures will be undertaken to keep your personal information confidential in this study:

  • The data collected will be anonymized and your information will be stored under a participant code, not your real name.
  • If you choose to provide your email address, this information will be stored on a secure server along with your other data.
  • To make sure that this research is being carried out in the proper way, Princeton Institutional Review Board may review study records.

All records from this study will be kept confidential. Your responses will be kept private, and we will not include any information that will make it possible to identify you in any report we might publish. Research records will be stored securely in a locked cabinet and/or on password-protected computers. The research team will be the only party that will have access to your data.




You will receive one entry to win a Samsung Galaxy s8 which will be raffled off at the end of the study. Each participant will have an equal chance at winning. 



Who to contact with questions:


   Marshini Chetty

   35 Olden Street
   Princeton, NJ 08540
   Physical coordinates: CS 412



If you have questions regarding your rights as a research subject, or if problems arise which you do not feel you can discuss with the Investigator, please contact the Institutional Review Board at:


Chad Pettengill, J.D., M.I.B.,Assistant Director, Research Integrity and Assurance

Phone: (609) 258-8543



I understand the information that was presented and that:


A. My participation is voluntary, and I may withdraw my consent and discontinue participation in the project at any time.  My refusal to participate will not result in any penalty.


B.  I do not waive any legal rights or release Princeton University, its agents, or you from liability for negligence.


By completing the information below, I hereby give my consent to be the subject of your research. 


1. I am 18 years or older *This question is required.
2. I have read this consent form or had it read to me. *This question is required.
3. I voluntarily agree to participate in this research and I want to continue with the survey. *This question is required.