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Volunteer Qualification Checklist

The Volunteer Qualification Checklist is to be used with the "Standards for Departments Using Volunteer Services".  Use of volunteers is affected by complex compliance issues including but not limited to Human Resources, INS, Risk, International Programs, and Fair Labor Standards Act.  This checklist and accompanying standards have been developed to help you avoid consequences to both your volunteer and your department, but "case by case" issues may require further consultation.  Departments using volunteers are responsible for reading, understanding and implementing the standards.  Dean's or Division's Vice President's signature and approval of the Volunteer Qualification Checklist means the requester has correctly navigated the various issues and implemented information in the standards document, which is found at
Before starting this form, you will need detailed information regarding the volunteer, their proposed service, and their qualifications.  See the Standards for Units Using Volunteer Services  - Form Questions-Volunteer Qualification Checklist for each question that will be asked.


Volunteer information needed will be:  name, address.

Volunteer position:  name of intended supervisor, supervisor's job title, location of service, date/time of service, specific duties, and if any form of compensation is intended.

Volunteer qualification:  service to include working with minors, service outside of the state of Idaho, driving UI vehicles, service related to UI mission or goals and does volunteer have the skills needed to perform the position.

The Standards for Units Using Volunteer Services, state:  employees from other universities or organizations doing joint research or performing other services and activities with the UI (visiting scholars); students in practicum, internship or work study programs; students on a class field trip; spouses, friends or family members traveling with a UI employee; performers in theatre, music, dance or other productions; and participants in club activities are specifically not a volunteer opportunity.   See Standards for further details on exclusions.

Refer all 4H volunteers to 4H. 4H completes the approval process for its volunteers.
This form should be completed by the unit supervisor or administration.