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Project Overview

Researchers would like to speak with women about their breakfast habits. They want to learn about the kinds of food people are purchasing, how they shop, what their preferences are, and more.


Phase 1: 4-week message board (2-3 times per week)
Phase 2: 2.5-hour in-home interviews (Chicago / LA only)


Phase 1: August 7 - September 1, 2017
Phase 2: September 11-12 (Chicago), September 14-15 (LA)


Phase 1: Nationwide
Phase 2: Chicago / LA


Participants will receive: 

  • Phase 1: $250 (Paypal)
  • Phase 2: $250 (Paypal, not all will be invited to participate from Phase 1)

Terms & Privacy Policy

The following application includes questions to determine your eligibility for this research project. Completing the application does not guarantee selection. Fraudulent answers on this application are grounds for immediate termination from the study, without compensation. Information collected will never be sold or used for marketing purposes. You can read our privacy policy in detail here. (popup)


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