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Underwood Park Master Plan

Project Introduction

We need your help!

For this Park Master Plan process, we will build upon the Underwood Vision Framework developed in 2015  (Strategic Vision), incorporate additional public input, and develop a more refined vision for the park.

Project Background

The Underwood Property is a 60-acre parcel owned by the City of South Burlington, located near Overlook Park at the corner of Spear Street and Nowland Farm Drive. The site possesses grand views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains, and it includes a range of natural resources such as open meadow, tilled fields, forest, wetlands, and a portion of Munroe Brook.

Based on public feedback and Task Force input from the 2015 Vision Framework planning study, the following general guiding principles were identified:

  1. Promote a mix of Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Recreation uses within the Park.
  2. Place greatest emphasis on natural resource conservation and sustainability.
  3. Promote educational and environmental awareness in the park.
  4. Encourage diverse agricultural uses focused on community need.
  5. Assure the Park functions as a gateway to recreation and a conduit for connectivity. 
  6. Provide opportunities for a wide spectrum of park visitors.
  7. Establish a primary structure in the Park (i.e. event “barn”)  to act as a focal point for activities.
  8. Avoid overbuilding parking within the Park.
  9. Maintain a diversity of trail forms; mowed paths, gravel, etc. to appeal to a wide spectrum of users.


To help us better understand your perspectives on the future of the park, please take a few minutes to complete the following survey.  Your input is most valuable!

Stay tuned to the project website for information about the work and dates for specific meetings. Your input and commitment are vital in this process.