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Propose a workshop

Propose a PLT Workshop (Minnesota)

Propose a PLT Workshop

Proposing a new PLT workshop? You're in the right place. Please complete every question. It will help you better organize and promote your event.

You can also order books using this proposal form.

3. Have you attended a PLT facilitator training? (Only trained facilitators may propose workshops. If you are not a facilitator, but would like to request a workshop, please use this form.) *This question is required.
4. Who else is presenting with you?
Space Cell other presenterspresenter 1presenter 2
full name
8. Will you provide lunch? *This question is required.
10. What content will you present at the workshop? *This question is required.
  • * This question is required.
11. How will participants register for this workshop? Indicate the contact information you will share with participants. (For example, participants might register through you, your employer, the PLT state coordinator, or other entity you indicate here.) *This question is required.
12. Do you want the DNR to post this workshop on the DNR education calendar? (This is most appropriate with the workshop is open to all.) *This question is required.
13. Do you have a workshop sponsor who is paying for books, room, lunches, or other materials?  *This question is required.
Now you're ready to order books and materials for your training.

Based on your answers, the PLT state coordinator will also include other materials appropriate for your audience, such as posters, supplemental books, field guides, etc.

If you collect fees, the PLT coordinator will send the invoice for the cost of the books AFTER the workshop.

You can always return unused/unsold books after the workshop.
15. Order books. (Best guess) *This question is required.
Space Cell K-8 ($30)Early childhood ($25)Focus on Forests ($13)Forests of the World ($13)SE Forests & Climate Change ($15)
16. Order additional books.
Space Cell Places We Live ($13)Biodiversity ($5)Biotechnology ($5)Risk ($5)Municipal Solid Waste ($5)
17. How will you get the books? *This question is required.