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Thank you for applying to become a member of UBI Global network.

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In order for us to complete your application please take 3-5 minutes to answer the following 8 questions, including a set of sub-questions. Please provide your information as accurately as possible since it will allow us to match and connect you and your startups with peer incubation programs and potential corporate partners more effectively.

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3. 3. Which of the following program typesIf your program provides both substantial incubation and substantial acceleration services, please either (in order of preference): 1. select "Hybrid" (and specify the distribution of services in a follow-up question), 2. select the option that reflects your primary operations, or 3. select "Other" and specify the nature of your program. best describes your incubation program? *This question is required.
4. 4. Which of the following categories best describes your program's relationshipRelationship with partner university(ies) describes the level of collaboration between the incubation program and its partner unviersity(ies). with its partner university(ies)? *This question is required.
Space Cell Directly managed by one or more UniversitiesContractual agreement with one or more UniversitiesInformal working relationship with one or more UniversitiesNo working relationship with any University
*From Fall 2018 on, UBI Global will expand its portfolio and start offering services to incubation programs that are not connected to any institution of higher education. These services include benchmarking, matchmaking, and networking opportunities customized for this group.
5. 4a. Please name the university(ies) that you currently work with
6. Does your program currently serve client startups? *This question is required.
7. 6. What is your incubation program's approximate operating budgetOperating budget constitutes the funds used to run and manage the incubation program. It is used to pay for expenditures such as salaries and HR costs, mortgages and rent, maintenance, marketing, communications, or events. It excludes any funding derived from a seed fund or any other type of investment fund that the incubation program may have at its disposal. for the current year? *This question is required.