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WisCaregiver Career Recruitment - Nursing Homes

WisCaregiver Career Program Recruitment - Nursing Homes who will offer a $500 retention bonus

The purpose of this survey is to:
- Gauge the interest of nursing homes to participate in the WisCaregiver Career Program.  Only Wisconsin Nursing Homes are eligible. 
- Provide information for the new DHS website that prospective employee will use to contact the nursing homes about employment.

If you have questions, please contact:
Pat Benesh,, 608-264-9896
Kevin Coughlin,, 608-266-6989




WI Nursing Homes participating in the WisCaregiver Career Program (WCP):

  • Agrees to attend or view the recorded video of the DHS implementation webinar as scheduled.
  • Agrees to pay eligible staff a $500 retention bonus if they work part-time or full-time for six consecutive months at your nursing home. Eligible staff are those with a designation on the nurse aide registry as participating in the WCP. 
  • Agrees to not request MA reimbursement for training or testing of employees participating in the WCP unless otherwise appropriate.
  • Agrees to input information into a secure on-line tracking system to include:
    • Date of hire
    • Date given the $500 retention bonus 
    • Date separated or terminated if less than 6 months
  • Agrees to complete an on-line survey at the conclusion of the WCP.
The remaining questions relate to the information that will be shown on the DHS website regarding your nursing home.  As discussed on the recruitment webinar, it is recommended to give a webpage link that is the most direct possible route to potential employees so they do not have barriers to participate.  Ideally the nursing home would create a webpage related to employment and benefits. 
This question requires a valid email address.
Thank you so much for taking the survey.  If you would like a copy of what you submitted, please print before you click the Submit Button.  You will be directed to the WisCaregiver Career Program website after you successfully complete the survey.