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IDEA Week Event Application

Thank you for your interest in submitting an event during IDEA Week (April 8-13, 2019).

In order to be included in all promotional efforts, and to ensure events meet IDEA Week criteria, all event applications will be reviewed by the IDEA Week Steering Committee to determine final event inclusion.
1. Contact Information:
It is important that IDEA Week features a wide range of activities hosted on different dates and times. Some marquee events have already been determined and they are listed on our IDEA Week Google Sheet calendar, which we encourage you to visit.

  1. The location of events during IDEA Week will switch between downtown South Bend, Indiana; Elkhart, Indiana; and the University of Notre Dame. If you are planning an event in South Bend, it should be scheduled on Monday, 4/23 or Tuesday, 4/24 in downtown South Bend or on Thursday, 4/26; Friday, 4/27; or Saturday, 4/28 at the University of Notre Dame. If you are planning an event in Elkhart it should be scheduled on Wednesday, 4/25.
  2. If possible, when planning your event, try to choose times that will allow you to complement the other events versus compete with them. Participants should be able to visit as many events as possible.
Based on your review of existing events, what is the proposed date and time of your event?
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Where will your event be held?