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Consent and Contact Information

Title of Project: Performance Index for  Entrepreneurial Resources (PIER)

Principle Investigator: Dr. Thomas O'Neal

Other Investigators: Andrea Wesser-Brawner (InBIA), and Dr. Vernet Lasrado

You are being invited to take part in a research study.  Whether you take part is up to you.

This survey is specifically designed to capture metrics on the clients of the entrepreneurial programs. For this survey, you will be asked to complete the questions either via phone or the internet. It is anticipated to take around 20 minutes to complete the questions, and there is a quick guide to help prepare you in advance to answer these questions more efficiently. 

The purpose of this research project is to design and deploy a baseline Performance Index for Entrepreneurial Resources (PIER) dataset, and leverage this dataset to provide a robust comparative index that longitudinally highlights the perfomance outcomes of entrepreneurial programs such as incubators, accelerators, university innovation centers, and coworking spaces.

This research is funded by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) and Florida High Tech Corridor Council, and performed by the University of Central Florida (UCF) and the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA).

All personal and organizational identifiers will be kept confidential and will only be utilized for data collection and assimilation. All personal linkages to the data will be destroyed after data assimilation. No personal or organizational identifiers will be included in reports or datasets.  Your information provided in this survey will not be sold or transferred to a third party.

You must be 18 years or older to take part in this research study.

Study contact for questions about the study or to report a problem:
  If you have any questions, concerns or complaints please contact Dr. Vernet Lasrado, Office of Research and Commercialization, (407) 882- 1125 or by email at

IRB contact about your rights in the study or to report a complaint: Research at the University of Central Florida involving human participants is carried out under the oversight of the Institutional Review Board (UCF IRB)  This research has been reviewed and approved by the IRB.  For information about the rights of people who take part in research, please contact: Institutional Review Board, University of Central Florida, Office of Research and Commercialization, 12201 Research Parkway, Suite 501, Orlando, FL 32826-3246 or by telephone at (407) 823- 2901.

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