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Dharma Ocean Financial Aid Application 2018


Before completing this form:
  • Please register for the program for which you are requesting financial assistance.
  • Select housing with 4-person or 12-person "bunk" for your accommodations.
  • Make note of the cost of the program so you can be clear about the $ amount you are requesting (#5 in the application).
  • Select "None" when asked how much to pay. And then select "Scholarship Applicant" for Payment Exemption Reason.
  • Applications are reviewed 6-10 weeks before the program begins. We will contact you at that time. 
  • Thank you for your attention to these details. 
1. Contact Information *This question is required.
This question requires a valid email address.
4. Would you like to volunteer to set up or take down the retreat? Note that this question does not apply to Sutrayana as an online retreat so you can skip it. 

We are currently unable to provide a cost trade for set up or take down due to state regulations. So your reward is our deep appreciation and meeting new friends. We will provide accommodations and meals for you for the extra night or nights you would need to be at Blazing Mountain. We would need you to arrive a day early for set up or leave a day late for take down. You would also need to be able to work for 8 hours and lift 30 pounds. 
7. Are you a student? *This question is required.
Part-time or full-time?
8. Are you presently employed? *This question is required.
Employed part-time or full-time?
This question requires a valid number format.
This question requires a valid number format.
12. SignatureBy signing below, I acknowledge that the information I provided in this application is true and accurate.