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CPIA Confidential On-Line Plastics Markets Reporting Tool for Canada

CPIA Confidential On-Line Plastics Markets Reporting Tool

This survey is intended for recyclers and brokers in Canada and United States

The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) has created this on-line plastics markets reporting tool for Canadian recyclers to record the amounts of scrap plastic resource materials that are rejected by overseas end-markets or lose markets for other reasons.

Your response will provide valuable data that will enable us to understand where the issues lie and potentially to identify alternative end markets for materials. 

This survey assumes you have experienced issues exporting plastic recyclables to overseas markets.
  • Data released will be aggregated to protect the identity and confidentiality of organizations using the reporting tool.
  • CPIA will not release any individual organization's data.
  • Contact information will not be used in any way other than to communicate directly with the contact person to discuss this related subject.

We invite you to complete this survey as often as you feel necessary to reflect end market changes affecting your program. Please bookmark this link so you can return, as you see fit.

For More Information/Questions

About the purpose of this tool: contact Joe Hruska, V. P. Sustainability | 416-930-1796 |
About the functionality of this tool: contact Margot Beverley,