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Competitive Scholarships Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Scholars


This agreement is between University of East London (UEL) and ………………, the beneficiary of the UEL Sport Scholarship Programme.


This agreement sets out the terms and conditions upon which you will receive benefits under UELSports for the UEL academic year beginning September 2017. 


The purpose of the Scholarship is to assist students who are also talented athletes in fulfilling their potential as a student-athlete.  UEL expects all recipients to train and perform to the best of their ability and to maintain good academic standing.


By signing this agreement Sports Scholars are committed to adhering to the vision and values of UEL and UELSports. The principles of the UEL High Performance Sport Programme are Unified, Enjoyment/Excellence, and Legacy as an ambassador to the programme you will be expected to promote and uphold these principles.


UEL General Terms and Conditions


1.            There are a limited number of scholarships available. Students will be awarded based on the strength of their applications. UEL is under no obligation to award all scholarships, should the quality of the applications be insufficient. All decisions are final.


2.            Successful students will only be allowed to hold one scholarship.


3.            Due to the large number of students applying to study at UEL it will not be possible for students to request individualised feedback.


4.            If an awarded student decides to withdraw early, the scholarship will terminate at the date of withdrawal. Any payments made to the student will not need to be returned


5.            The Scholarship cannot be exchanged for an alternative award.


6.            The Scholarship is not deferrable. Fee waivers must be applied from the year the student begins their programme. If a student defers their start date they will no longer be eligible for the scholarship in that academic year.


7.            If the student’s status changes during their study, as a result of information not being provided at the point of application, and the student becomes ineligible, UEL reserves the right to revoke the scholarship and claim back any payments incorrectly made to you.


8.            The Scholarship may not be held in conjunction with any other scholarships; but does not limit eligibility to Bursaries and discounts. See the UEL Fees Policy for more information on the order of Fee Waivers and how discounts will be applied to Fees.


9.            UEL reserves the right to verify applications and request additional evidence.


General Conditions for Sports Scholars


10.          Scholarship athletes’ contractual obligations are monitored throughout the term of the agreement. A full review will take place at the end of the academic year at which time applications for the subsequent year must be submitted


11.          All scholars must comply with the terms and conditions of admittance and UEL’s regulations including UEL’s Attendance and Engagement policy, academic policy, the UEL student code of conduct and the UELSports code of conduct throughout the duration of their studies. Please note that it is the scholar’s responsibility to read the policy and be familiar with the requirements


12.          All scholars must complete and submit all the necessary formative and summative assessments for every module that they are registered on, unless otherwise agreed with their respective school and in accordance with the academic flexibility policy.


13.          Scholars must provide their most recent contact details and maintain professional lines of communication at all times with UELSports/academic/coaching/service staff for the duration of their agreement. Contact information may be shared with specific staff or external organisations where appropriate and only with an athlete’s consent.


14.          Attendance at the scholar induction evening is compulsory.  Scholars are required to send their apologies in writing to the High Performance Sport Manager if they are unable to make this session no later than 14 days in advance.  Apologies will only be accepted if the reason is deemed valid.


15.          Attendance at the annual UELSports Sports Awards is compulsory.  Scholars are required to send their apologies in writing to the High Performance Sport Manager if they are unable to make this session no later than 14 days in advance.  Apologies will only be accepted if the reason is deemed valid.


16.          As a priority, all Sports Scholars are expected to compete for UEL at all relevant British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) competitions during the term of this agreement and adhere to training programme requirements agreed with UEL coaching staff.


17.          Scholars must carry out a minimum of 10 hours ambassadorial activity on behalf of UEL per academic year (e.g. open days, school visits, media interviews, workshop delivery, public appearances and new scholar recruitment) as agreed with the High Performance Sport Manager.


18.          Scholars must communicate immediately in writing any injury, illness or international representation preventing them from competing in BUCS or any other relevant competition to the High Performance Sport Manager/UELSports Head Coach. This must be include a written report from an NGB recognised medical professional in conjunction with UELSports medical professionals and the national governing body. Failure to do so will result in a scholarship being withdrawn.


19.          In the unfortunate event of injury or illness which prevents a scholar from competing for the University, the scholar must agree with their UELSports Head Coach a programme of support delivered to UELSports or to that scholar’s UEL club in order to merit continued scholarship support.


20.          Injured scholars should make every effort to return to full fitness as promptly as reasonably expected by utilising UEL physiotherapy support and carrying out prescribed rehabilitation exercises.


21.          Scholars are expected to help with the development of their UEL club (e.g. coaching, sitting on club committee, helping with fresher’s fairs, recruitment of new students) in line with the requirements as stipulated by the Head Coach or High Performance Sports Manager.


22.          Scholars must wear supplied UELSports clothing at all official UEL fixtures, friendly matches and other external promotional opportunities (including ambassadorial hours) for the University.


23.          Scholars will be expected to serve as positive ambassadors for the University of East London at all promotional events (e.g. television, radio, press interviews, national and international competition, etc.) with training provided should you request this via the High Performance Sport Manager.


24.          Scholars must conduct themselves professionally on social media at all times. UELSports expect any scholar not to post any material that is obscene, sexist defamatory, profane, racist, abusive, hateful or embarrassing to another person. This includes but is not limited to, comments regarding UELSports employees, UEL students, UEL, UEL staff and partners. Scholars should include a reference or acknowledgment to their UELSports scholarship in their social media biographies including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


25.          Athletes must attend performance reviews with the Head Coach/High Performance Sport Manager as requested during the academic year.


26.          If at any stage during the year a scholar is withdrawn from their academic programme, ceases to participate in their sport, or for any other reason wishes to resign from the Scholarship Programme, they must send a letter of resignation to the High Performance Sport Manager.


27.          UK Anti-Doping Policies and Procedures: Scholars shall comply with UK Anti-Doping policies and procedures. Scholars committing an Anti-Doping Violation will be subject to the UEL disciplinary procedure (copies available from the High Performance Sport Manager)


28.          Prescribed Therapeutic Use: Scholars shall submit in writing to the High Performance Sport Manager a list of any prescribed prohibited substance or method for the treatment of a legitimate medical conditions.


29.          Scholars shall advise the High Performance Sport Manager if they have a "Therapeutic Use Exemptions" certificate issued at any time.


30.          Scholars are personally responsible for ensuring that they advise all medical personnel of their obligation to abide by UK anti-doping rules and that any medical treatment received must not violate these rules.


31.          Over the Counter Medicines; Scholars are advised to consult with a pharmacist before purchasing any “over the counter” medicines to ensure the medication complies with UK Anti-Doping policies and procedures.


32.          Nutritional Supplements: Scholars are advised that they are personally responsible for ensuring that any nutritional supplements they use comply with UK Anti-Doping policies.


33.          Recreational Drugs: UELSports has a zero-tolerance policy regarding the use of recreational drugs.


Payment Details


34.          Bursary payments will be made in two instalments, the first at the UELSports scholarship induction evening and the second at the end of an athlete’s respective UEL/BUCS season.


35.          Fee waivers will be applied to student’s fees prior to enrolling.


36.          It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the bank details they provide to UEL are correct, to avoid any delays.


Future Payments


37.          Any scholar receiving a tuition fee contribution will have this withdrawn if they fail to fulfil their scholarship requirements. Any scholars will then be liable for the remaining balance of their tuition fee.


38.          Bursary payments will not be made to any scholar who has failed to fulfil the requirements of the scholarship.


39.          If a student breaks UEL regulations and is withdrawn from study, the scholarship will be immediately terminated and no further payments made. If the student returns to study at a later date, the scholarship will not be re-awarded.


40.          Any international scholar receiving a tuition fee contribution will have this withdrawn if they fail to fulfill their scholarship requirements. An international scholar will then be liable for the balance of their tuition. Failure to pay will result in them being unable to graduate and will have serious implications for their UK Tier 4 visa status.




41.          A complaint is normally a specific concern related to a procedural error, irregularity, or maladministration in admissions procedures or policies. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the administration of your scholarship, please contact us in the first instance so that an informal resolution can be sought. This may be done in writing to the High Performance Sport Team (