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Farm Credit East FFA Scholarship

1. Please provide contact information below *This question is required.
Please note:
  1. The following questions must be completed in one sitting. Answers will not save and allow you to continue later if you exit the application.
  2. You must enter your advisors name and email address on page 2 and click submit for your application to be accepted.
  3. Only applicants from states covered by Farm Credit East (NY, NH, ME, MA, CT, NJ, RI) are eligible to apply.

*It is recommended that you type your answers in a Word Document first, then copy them to the application. This will make sure they are saved, and allow for a spelling and grammar check.

In the next 3 - 5 years, what are your three main objectives/goals for your SAE? Please us a SMART Goals Format.

Smart Goals are:
Specific – Clearly defined

Measurable ­– You can measure or track its completion
Actionable – Brief steps are outlined to reach the goal
Realistic – you have the means to reach this goal
Timely -  A timeframe/timeline is outlined for this goal

*This question is required.
6. Financial Plan: Attach a Balance Sheet and/or income statement. (At least 1 year/partial year is required.)
* This can be obtained from AET or a Degree Application. (You can upload a Max of 10 files, please consolidate as much as possible)
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