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Adult Learning provides free, flexible support for adults who want to improve their skills and can help with - Increasing confidence in learning; Reading, writing and spelling; Using numbers; Learning English as a Second or Other Language; Gain SQA Core Skills qualification.

High Life Highland Adult Learning staff  want to help Adults have the best possible chances in life. We would be appreciate if you could take a few moments to answer the following questions so we can check how well we are doing and find out how we can improve things. This questionnaire is only about the Adult Learning work that High Life Highland Adult Learning staff have provided and that you have been directly involved in SINCE April 2017.  The information you provide is completely anonymous.

1. Which age group are you in *This question is required.
2. Are you *This question is required.
4. Are you mainly: *This question is required.
5. Which of the following Adult Learning Activities you have you been involved in (tick all that apply) *This question is required.
  • * This question is required.
6. Please tell us which of the following applies to you when involved in your Adult Learning activities *This question is required.
Space Cell Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I have improved my confidence
I have tried new things and learnt new skills
I have learnt something about myself
I have enjoyed myself
Adult Learning helped me get a college place
Adult Learning helped me get a job
Adult Learning helped me move into further learning opportunities
I have done some volunteering in the community
I found out about other opportunities/services
I have got certificates/qualifications
I have developed friendships and a support network
7. Which of the following is true for you when involved in Adult Learning Activities *This question is required.
Space Cell YesNo
I get a chance to help PLAN my learning activities
I get a chance to contribute to the learning activities
I am often asked by the Adult Learning staff how good my experiences have been with Adult Learning
Adult Learning staff always listen to my views
Adult learning staff support me to share my views/opinion
8. Since April 2016 have you achieved or are you working towards any of the following awards *This question is required.
Space Cell AchievedWorking towardsN/A
John Muir Award
ESOL qualification
Core skills: Communication
Core skills: Numeracy
Core skills: ICT
Core skills: Working with others
Core skills: Problem solving
Supporting Adult Literacy learners
Volunteering Skills Award
Saltire Award
SQA employability award
SQA personal development awards
ASDAN short Course modules
9. Please write something for each sentence in the box below: *This question is required.
10. My overall experience with Adult Learning staff is

High Life Highland is a company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland No. SC407011 and is a registered charity No. SC042593   Registered office 12/13 Ardross Street, Inverness, IV3 5NS.  Telephone: 01463 663800.