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Member Leader Development Program Application

Program Introduction


Please read these instructions carefully before applying.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to work with chapter leaders and field staff to develop a specific plan for their grant funds.  


The Member Leader Development Program provides grant funds to assist chapter members meet new hires, strengthen chapters (i.e. membership/recommit campaigns), develop effective leadership, enhance customer service. 

Grant funds can be used to:

  • meet new employees at their workplace or employer orientation (if employer does not provide paid release time);
  • get chapter members to sign recommit forms/conduct membership drives;
  • send one chapter member (only if the chapter isn’t already sending someone) to legislative conference and PSE’s annual convention (if there is no other funding available);
  • send one chapter member (only if the chapter isn’t already sending someone) to local, regional, or state training or meetings;
  • assist chapter’s or leader’s efforts to meet the effective chapter or leader characteristics. 


Chapters or leaders will be required to describe how they will use the grant, how much they are requesting, and when completed, submit a report how much was used and who used the funds.  If the request includes release time, the chapter or leader will include the names and contact information for those using release time.  

Upon completion of the grant, the chapter or leader will complete a report of what was accomplished.  Expense reimbursement will require receipts and a PSE member expense reimbursement report.


Chapters must have updated PSE with current officers and completed their last financial report with PSE. 

Applicants/recipients of grant funds must be dues paying members in good standing.

NOTE:   You must submit a complete application for full consideration.

If you are applying to work in the PSE Union Summer Recommit Campaign, continue using the button at the bottom of the page.

If you are not requesting funding for paid release time during work hours, continue using the button at the bottom of the page. 

If you ARE requesting funds for paid release time during work hours, before applying, please have the following information available

- First and Last name, phone, email and physical mail address of the person who should receive your release letter (usually someone from your employer HR office). 

- Names of all participants who will be on release time including an estimate of their hourly rate of pay for budgeting purposes.

- Dates of activities (recommend you apply for grant more than two weeks before activities begin to allow adequate planning and preparations using planning materials that will be provided to you upon approval)

- Itemized budget describing how requested funds will be used.  Example:     
      $1245 for release time
      $45 for materials (specify what materials you anticipate needing to purchase)
      $20 for printing
      $1,310 Total

You will need to know the approximate hourly wages of members going to be on release time.  Example:

     John Doe - $20/hour X 10 total hours release (5 hours x 2 days) + 30% benefits = $260
     Jane Doe - $25/hour X 4 total hours release (4 hours x 1 day) + 30% benefits = $130
     Total grant funds requested = $260+ $130 = $390

For applicants requesting funds for release time to support Recommitment/Membership Drives, staff can provide you with a Roadmap to Membership Campaigns to assist with the planning process. Chapter wide recommit/membership drives typically need up to two weeks once grant funds are approved to plan and put logistics and communication to the district in place adequately to achieve the best results.

Be sure to scroll down at the bottom of each page and click the button to advance through the entire application.  If you need to stop the application process, bookmark the page and you should be able to come back to the application and finish it later.
PSE Union Summer Program Overview -

Just because members are leaving worksites for the summer does not mean that member to member conversations and re-commitment efforts must stop.   Building on our successful grant funded paid release time program, the PSE Union Summer program is intended to continue the work of members meeting other members to share their union and promote membership in PSE.   Union Summer program involves hiring members and partnering them with staff and experienced member organizers to create small teams.  The teams conduct home visits (door knocking), having brief 5-10 minute re-commitment conversations with members of their chapter who live in the same town/area.

This is an activity not new to PSE or any of you who have been on “blitzes” and will allow us to continue to provide members with an opportunity to recommit to their union and represents an additional investment in the development of current and future PSE union leaders. 

Not all qualified applicants may be selected for the program.  There is no guarantee that we will be able to form Union Summer teams in all areas.  Qualified candidates will be selected based on their application as well as the needs of the program, when there is a sufficient overlap of both geographical density of members not recommitted and qualified members available to participate (and adequate local staff available to work with them).

The nitty-gritty details:

Minimum commitment:  1 week or more between July 16-September 14.  There will be a mandatory training/orientation that will be on July 16th.  Details will be communicated to those hired into the program.
Compensation:  $15/hour.
Shifts:  Typically there are 4-6 hour shifts planned each weekday that will vary in start and end times as members find times that are most productive for meeting members at their home. Some Saturday work is possible, but will not be required.  They will be employed based on the need of the program in their geographical area as well as their ability to engage with members successfully.  Members hired for the program will not be guaranteed a term of temporary employment.  As a temporary employee, they will not be eligible for any employee benefits.
Qualifications and skills:  The application contains information about specific skills and abilities.  Sufficient identification proving eligibility to work in the state of Washington (valid ID etc.) is required.  See list on page 4 of this document and bring documentation (one item from List A or one item from both List B and C) to orientation training on July 16:  Form I-9.
Miscellaneous:  A valid drivers license if preferred but may not be required. Some local but not extensive driving may be necessary.  Mileage will be reimbursed  (members will working in their home town; any driving is primarily local in residential areas).

To apply, simply proceed through this application.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact