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Community Mental Health Allocation Report, F-01684 (03/2021)


Welcome to the 2021 Community Mental Health Allocation (CMHA) Report

Refer to the Division of Care and Treatment Services Action Memo for details regarding calendar year 2020 reporting requirements and allowed expenditures. View a copy of the questions asked in this report (PDF).

The following are the core areas of this report:

  1. CMHA Expenditures in calendar year 2020
  2. The number of individuals served in 2020 using the allocation
  3. Capital expenses using the 2020 allocation
  4. Narrative description of allocation utilization

After submitting the report, users will receive an email confirming the report was successfully completed and users will be provided a copy of the data that was entered. If you have any questions or difficulties with this report, please contact Maddie Johnson at or 608-381-8328.