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GiveCentral: 2018 Predictions for Nonprofit Giving

General Information

GiveCentral is dedicated to bringing donors and nonprofit organizations together making it easy for people to support the causes they believe in. Part of this effort is our continued commitment to understanding the current state of giving in the nonprofit community.

As leaders in the nonprofit fundraising industry, we know you have your fingers on the pulse of giving trends. From giving preferences and levels to the increasing role technology plays in donations, we’d love to get your opinions, thoughts and insights through your participation in our short bi-annual survey.  Survey participants will automatically be entered into a drawing to win one (1) of five (5) $50 Visa Gift Cards as a small token of our appreciation of your time.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes of your time. You can choose to make your participation anonymous. Your personal information is secure and won't be shared with third parties.

Thank you for playing a role in this effort. Once we have compiled the results, we will send you a copy of the final report. Your time and participation are much appreciated.
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4. In your organization, which position is ultimately responsible for managing the process of donor giving?
5. What is the approximate total value of donations received by your organization in the past 12 months?