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NCHC Partners in the Parks - Scholarship Application

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The student scholarship provides the recipient an amount to cover a portion of the registration fee for a 2020 NCHC Partners in the Parks project. The scholarships provided by the NCHC will not be enough to cover the entire registration payment for a trip.

Please note the following:
  • Before applying for a 2020 NCHC Partners in the Parks scholarship, you must first register for the 2020 NCHC Partners in the Parks trip itself.
  • Your registration for a 2020 NCHC Partners in the Parks trip is not confirmed until payment is made. Applying for this scholarship will not confirm your spot on a trip.
  • If you have paid for your trip using a credit or debit card, and are awarded a scholarship, the amount of your scholarship will be refunded to you.
The intent of this scholarship is to provide honors students the opportunity to participate in these academic adventures.

Applicants must comply with the project registration deadlines even if the ability to attend is dependent upon receiving a scholarship.


Scholarships are only available to students enrolled in an honors program that holds a current membership with NCHC.

Before submitting this application, a student must first register for a project. (Please remember that project spaces are only reserved with full payment; we recommend that you pay upon registration to reserve your space, and be reimbursed if a scholarship is awarded.)

This form must be filled out completely and accurately.

Scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed after each of these rolling deadlines:
  • December 15
  • February 15
  • April 15


Student scholarships are to be applied to the registration fee of a particular project and do not apply towards travel costs.

Scholarship recipients will be notified by email.

Only one stipend per recipient will be awarded.

More Information

If you have questions or need more information please contact
NCHC Office
(402) 472-9150