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IFLA Library Map of the World (LMW) is the unifying platform providing access to SDG stories from different countries around the world.

Get inspiration from these stories about impactful activities, projects and programmes, implemented by libraries or in partnership with libraries, which address community needs on

An SDG story is a narrative about an activity, project or programme, implemented by a library or in partnership with a library, to the benefit of library users and communities. It addresses a problem or challenge, and contributes to local, regional or national development needs. SDG Storytelling Flowchart will help you to better understand if your story is suitable for the Library Map of the World, to check if you have all elements you need and if you are ready to submit it.

Note that submitted stories don't go directly to the LMW website. They are all curated by the LMW team in close collaboration with contributors.
Learn more about the curation process in this infographic.

Tell us about your activity, project or programme and we will help you to turn it into an SDG story for the LMW website.

The LMW Team