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LMW SDG Stories Submission Form


Welcome to the Library Map of the World SDG Stories Submission Form!

IFLA Library Map of the World is the unifying platform providing access to SDG stories that demonstrate how libraries in different countries contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and serve as partners in achieving sustainable development.

Libraries around the world offer a wide range of products and services that promote the achievement of each and every of the 17 SDGs, including the indispensable support of dedicated staff with a deep understanding of local needs. From promoting literacy, to offering free access to information, libraries are safe welcoming spaces, at the heart of communities. They advance digital inclusion through access to ICT, internet connection and skills. They promote innovation, creativity and access to the world's knowledge for future generations.

This submission form is created for you to submit a story demonstrating how your library service, activity, project or programme is supporting local, regional or national development needs and improving the quality of life in your community.

Please refer to the SDG Storytelling Manual before the submission. It will help you to prepare the content required by this submission form, including the narrative, pictures, videos and further information.

Tell us your story!