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Title of Study: A Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Auditable, and Transparent Elections

I agree to participate in the observational research conducted by Professors Michael Byrne, Dan Wallach, or Phil Kortum or by students or staff under the supervision of Professors Byrne, Wallach, and Kortum. I understand that the proposed research has been reviewed by the University's Institutional Review Board and that to the best of their ability they have determined that the observations involve no invasion of my rights of privacy, nor do they incorporate any procedure or requirements which may be found morally or ethically objectionable. If, however, at any time I wish to terminate my participation in this study I have the right to do so without penalty.

Purpose of the Study: I understand I will be asked questions about my previous voting experiences and my preferences for voting technology. I know that the researchers are studying how people use voting equipment. I understand that my participation is likely to take between 15 and 20 minutes.
Participation should enhance your understanding of how psychological research is conducted, and more specifically it should provide some insight about how people vote.

I understand that the following procedure will be used to maintain my anonymity in analysis and publications/presentation of any results: Each participant will be assigned a number, names will not be recorded. The researchers will save the data files by participant number, not by name. All records will be stored in locked files by Professor Byrne, Wallach, or Kortum. No other researchers will have access to these files.

I understand that in signing this consent form, I give Professors Byrne, Wallach, Kortum, and their associates, permission to present this work in written and oral form, without further permission from me.

If you have any questions about this study, you should feel free to ask them now or anytime throughout the study by contacting:
Professor Michael Byrne
Department of Psychology, Rice University
6100 Main St., MS-25
Houston, TX 77005

If you would like to address concerns about your treatment as a subject with someone not involved with the research, contact Sarah White, Director of the Office of Sponsored Research ( or 713 348-6200).

Note: If you are having any problems with this survey, please try opening it in Internet Explorer for best results.

By choosing the option below, I verify that I am both legally blind and 18 years of age or older, and that I consent to participate in this study. You must choose "I consent to participate in this study" in order to continue. *This question is required.