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in2scienceUK is a university access programme designed to develop the skills and knowledge you need to progress to university and a career in STEM. The programme consists of skills days, careers advice, workshops, events and a STEM insight placement with research scientists or engineers. We tailor the programme to your university and career aspirations. Your application will help us decide which opportunities will be most beneficial for you. By applying you are committing to fully participating in the programme.

Applications in London have now closed.  We are still accepting applications from other regions.

Please note: you should only complete this application form if you are a current year 12 student.  Younger students should complete our expression of interest found here.
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About Your Education
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Teacher Reference Information
Please provide the details of a teacher at your current school who we can contact to provide a reference and verify the details you have given us. Teachers will be contacted after the student application deadline.
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About the Programme
Which dates can you attend a placement? *This question is required.Students attend placements, workshops and skills days Monday to Friday.  Please only tick if you are available the whole week.
Please tick every week you are available as this will maximise the possibility of us being able to offer you a place on the programme.

Please only tick "Before school ends" if your school has a confirmed work experience week during July where you will be permitted to attend a placement.  We cannot guarantee that students will be offered a placement on those dates, however we do have a small number of placements available during July that may be suitable for these students.
What university degree field of study are you interested in? (Please choose two)
Please do not choose medicine unless you will be applying for a medicine degree *This question is required.
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Communication preferences
Your contact details will be used to inform you of the programme you are involved with.  We also like to send students information on events, STEM careers, university access and alumni opportunities that may be useful to you after the programme. Are you happy for us to email you? *This question is required.
During the programme we take photos and/or videos of students at their placements and other activities. These may be used to promote in2scienceUK, including on our website, social media or in printed materials, and will not be used for any other purpose. Do you give in2scienceUK permission to take, store and use your image as described? *This question is required.