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Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions: Share Your Ideas for Future Workshops

Have an idea for a future workshop topic? Please share it with us!

The Standing Committee on Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions (ESEHD) is a forum that examines the potential to use new science, tools, and research methodologies to inform environmental health decisions.  Our workshops provide a venue for government agencies, industry representatives, environmental groups, and the academic community, among others to explore promising scientific discoveries and advances that facilitate the identification, quantification, and control of environmental stressors on human health. We focus our discussions on how the emerging science may be used by consumers, public health officials, policy makers, regulators, or others to make more informed decisions.


The standing committee needs the ingenuity of scientists and policy experts from all disciplinary backgrounds.  We welcome your ideas for workshop topics that address any of the following:

  • New scientific tools, technologies, data, or methodologies that have the potential to address environmental health questions
  • New scientific advances or discoveries developing that have the potential to transform how environmental health questions are addressed
  • Scientific disciplines or technologies that traditionally have not been widely applied or integrated into environmental health research