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Zendesk IT Help Ticket

1. Your Information
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3. IT Help(Hardware or Software)
Representation or Engineering Dept
Job Titles: Field Quality Representative, Field Quality Engineer (FQR, FQE, Rep)
TQS Email Account
TQS Cell Phone 
(for Mexico employees – provided by Mexico TQS team)

TQS Laptop
Logins to QNet and the TQS LMS
Set up as travel-only Nexonia user
If Hourly, Login to TSheets
If Attending Orientation at US Office, Nexonia
Business Cards (for Mexico employees – provided by Mexico TQS team)
Welcome Kit 
Rep Pocket Card
Safety Vest

Independent Contractors are expected to provide their own professional resources; sometimes we get additional requests listed on a New Hire form, for example – a manager may need a contract rep to have a customer-facing TQS email address

Inspection Department
Job Titles: Project Supervisor, Team Lead (sometimes listed as Inspection Supervisor, etc)
TQS Email Account

TSheets (For Canadian Employees)
TQS LMS Account
TQS Cell Phone
3 x TQS Polo Shirts

Welcome Kit 

Inspection Department
Job Title: Project Associate (sometimes listed as just “Inspector” or otherwise)
TQS Email Account

TQS LMS Account
Welcome Kit

Please duplicate any changes made here, on the RFO form list as well
Energy Department
Job Title: Energy Inspector (sometimes listed as just “Inspector” or otherwise)
TQS Email Account

TQS LMS Account
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.

Suggestion or Feature Request Details



Please note that the "Suggestion or Feature Request" should NOT be used for help inquiries. These tickets are not assigned the same urgency or follow-up as the help/support tickets.

Please Describe Your Request in Detail
To help us provide you the best support possible, try to include details such as:
  • What you expect to see when you use this device or software, versus what's happening.
  • When did you first notice the problem, and when was the last time it worked as expected?
  • If the hardware has a TQS asset barcode, include the tag number; also include brand and/or model if you can find it.
3. You may also use this area to upload a single file/screenshot.
If you need to add additional files, please reply to your ticket confirmation email with those items.