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Susan G. Komen Colorado 2018 Pink Tie Affair

1. How frequently would you engage in a formal event like Pink Tie Affair to benefit Susan G. Komen Colorado?
2. Did you feel that the ticket/table price matched the value of the experience you had? 
3. How did you feel about the style of the event this year? 
4. How was the communication you received leading up to the event?
5. Which element of the event was your favorite? (Select all that apply)
6. What was your overall impression of the program length at this year's Pink Tie Affair?
7. Were there enough items of interest to you in the Live Auction?
8. What was your overall impression of this year's guest gift?
9. Which areas of the event do you think could be improved upon? (Select all that apply)
10. Based on your own knowledge of the Pink Tie Affair impact, please select all of the statements that apply:
11. What is your preferred time of year to attend a formal fundraising event?
12. What is your preferred time of day to arrive at a formal fundraising event?