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Request for Approval Form

Request for Approval

This form is only applicable to JJS/Castleson Inc approved activity, event, training, etc.  Complete this form for every unique request you have.    Requests for personal loans are generally denied.  Requests for days off for personal reasons during the school year is generally denied because this is a breach of contract of your role as a teacher.  Vacation requests are typically utilized during the summer.  Requests for retirement is best completed in another form on this link Employee Information Update Form.  

For requests that cost more than ₱5000, make your request 1 month or more ahead of time.  For requests that cost less than ₱5000, give us 2 weeks at least.  

After submitting this request, an email is sent to the principal, Academic Director, and the Board.  This request is not approved until you receive a written confirmation from your supervisor.
1. About You (the person submitting the request) *This question is required.
2. What is your primary request? *This question is required.
7. Have you discussed this request with your principal or supervisor?