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Access to Information: Exploring Existing Resources, Good Practices, and Ways Forward

Consultative Forum Thematic Meeting on the provision of information to asylum seekers

In line with EASO’s systematic effort to catalyse the creation of synergies through dialogue among key actors in the field of asylum, this thematic meeting will provide a venue for the exchange of insights on tools and resources developed by civil society organizations aimed at catering to the asylum-related information needs of individuals seeking international protection, as well as other interested audiences. Provision of such information may play a catalytic role in facilitating access for individuals concerned to the asylum procedure and enhance their understanding of the process, their rights and obligations. The meeting will offer an opportunity for the exchange of resources and experiences, cross-pollination of ideas, and appreciation of the multifaceted work civil society organizations are carrying out in the field of asylum.

To this end, EASO would like to kindly invite you to share your experiences with information services your organization provides to communicate relevant information to target audiences (primarily asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection, but also professionals who help asylum seekers e.g. lawyers). By information service activities, we understand websites, mobile applications, leaflets, brochures or any other forms of media used (e.g. helpdesk, hotline) to communicate relevant information to interested groups. 

Your submissions, which will be gratefully received, will inform a section of EASO’s Annual Report on provision of information to asylum seekers. In addition, they will feed into EASO’s work in multiple ways, with another possible output being a briefing paper focusing on the subject matter. During the thematic meeting, a presentation based on a preliminary review of the collected input will take place. Above all, this process of eliciting input from CSOs and the thematic meeting will constitute a further step in the ongoing cooperation between EASO and civil society actors.

Please, kindly provide your input by submitting your answers to the online survey by 19 March 2018.