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South Gippsland and Bass Coast - current transport services, gaps and opportunities

Community transport is a key part of an integrated transport network. While public transport is designed and best suited to move large numbers of people, community transport serves to bridge gaps and meet the needs of pockets of the community that public transport does not reach.

This survey, to be completed by both providers and users of transport services in the South Gippsland and Bass Coast regions, will help identify existing services, and gaps and opportunities for community transport solutions. This could include sharing of vehicles between community transport service providers, promotion of existing transport services, and one-off funding for local transport projects that improve access for local communities.

The information you provide in this survey will be used only for the purpose of preparing an audit of local transport services and issues. Following identification of key gaps and opportunities, local working groups may access this information during solution development and preparing proposals for community transport funding.

For more information contact Kate Stoiljkovic.

Survey closes Sunday 6 May 2018