State of Mozilla Report Survey

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Mozilla Summit
Please provide your thoughts on our first "State of Mozilla" report. We'd like to know if it reflects your view of Mozilla, your hopes for Mozilla's future and any other feedback you'd like to share! If you haven't read it, please do so now (it only takes a few minutes) and answer our survey which will only take 5 - 10 minutes.
1. Did you read the State of Mozilla report before receiving the message about this survey?
2. How useful is the State of Mozilla report to you in understanding Mozilla's mission, vision and progress?
3. How accurately does the description of Mozilla in the first section capture your view of Mozilla?
For your reference: Mozilla exists to build individual empowerment, control and  opportunity into the fabric of the Internet. We build great products as a public asset. Great products based on open source software, plus much, much more:                         
  • nonprofit, public benefit;
  • individual empowerment, community-driven;
  • financial sustainability as merely a tool to enable these goals.
4. How accurately does the description of Mozilla in the first section describe the things that motivate you to participate in Mozilla?
5. Do you agree that the ways we're broadening our scope beyond Firefox (mobile, Apps, sharing, data, and services, and Drumbeat) fit into the Mozilla mission?
6. Do you agree that the current main Mozilla Drumbeat projects in the (Peer-to-Peer University School of Webcraft, Web-Made-Movies and the Universal Subtitles project) Drumbeat subsection of Broadening Our Scope are good early steps for broadening Mozilla's reach?
7. How are you involved with Mozilla?