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Medication Disposal Tool - Order Form

The Medication Disposal Tool was created by the MHA Keystone Center, Department of Environment Quality, and Michigan Pharmacists Association, and is endorsed by 11 additional statewide organizations. The initial distribution of this tool is generously funded by a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. The intention of the Medication Disposal Tool is to provide education on how to properly and safely dispose of expired, unused or unwanted drugs. 

Orders can be placed in increments of 250, with the first 1,500 provided free of charge. Additional quantities over 1,500 may be purchased.

Orders will be filled within approximately 10-14 days from the date ordered.

Pricing (for additional quantities over 1,500):
0 to 1,500 -- $0.14 each (e.g., 1,500 = $210)
1,501 to 8,000 -- $0.12 each
>8,000 -- $0.10 each
Any orders above the original 1,500 will also include the cost of shipping & handling
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