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National Practitioners Advisory Group Application

National Practitioners Advisory Group On Using Data to Inspire SEL Practice APPLICATION SURVEY

We are looking for educational practitioners (and those who influence practitioners) from many different levels who want to use their experience and wisdom to help improve the way data is used to inspire SEL practice and improve the social and emotional learning of children and youth. We are particularly interested in teachers, student support service providers, and principals at building level as well as practice leaders from district and state levels.

We hope you are just such a person and interested in becoming a member of the new National Practitioners Advisory Group on Using Data to Inspire SEL Practice (NPAG) to be launched this spring. The NPAG will consist of about 20 practitioners from around the country who will serve for 20 months.  The NPAG is being formed to engage practitioners and more fully ground the work and products of a national collaborative SEL field building project. Learn more about the national project staffed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social  and Emotional Learning (CASEL) at Measuring SEL.

The  NPAG will generally convene virtually with one two day in person meeting this summer. Major tasks for the NPWG include: 
  • Recommend issues the project should consider, discuss, and address to inform and enhance real practice
  • Help define the challenges and opportunities faced by practitioners in implementing and assessing SEL improvement efforts and the use of data to inspire practice
  • Review and shape products designed to improve SEL practices especially around assessment and the use of data, e.g. advise on the design and content of practitioner tools and guides, contribute to blogs and briefs
  • Inform the creation and leadership of engaged virtual learning communities that use Measuring SEL and related products to share and improve SEL practices
  • Join and become contributing members of the Measuring SEL Collaborator Network
To apply to serve on the NPAG, please complete this short survey by April 25th. Final members will be selected and notified in early May and will receive a $500 honorarium for their service plus travel expenses for in person meeting.
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