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Safety Manual Change Proposal Form (17th Edition)


APPA and the Safety Manual Working Group (SMWG) are soliciting change proposals for the 17th Edition of the APPA Safety Manual, to be released in 2023. Interested persons, organizations, and members of the Safety Manual Working Group (SMWG) may submit change proposals for consideration. All proposed changes will be compiled and presented to the SMWG.

Each submission shall only address one topic. Additional submissions must be made for each additional topic. If a change proposal references documents that are not readily available to the SMWG, the submitter shall upload materials referenced to supply the SMWG.

The change proposal shall consist of:

1. The name and contact information of the submitting party/person.
2. A declaration of the new content or exact modification proposed.
3. Substantiation and, if appropriate, documents supporting the proposed change.

In addition, please refer to the question-specific instructions when filling out this form.