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1. Being on a budget means:
2. How often can you get a free credit report?
3. Under which of the following circumstances would it be financially beneficial to you to borrow money to buy something now and repay it with future income?
4. What is the difference between a job and a career?
5. What is an advantage of enrolling in your employer’s 401(k) or 403(b) plan?
6. Robbie buys a bottle of water from the vending machine for $1.25 and a candy bar for $1.35 every day he arrives at his after-school job. Robbie makes $6.50 per hour and works for four hours each day. What percentage of his after-school gross pay is he spending for bottled water and candy?
7. What does “pay yourself first” mean?
8. What are some of the key factors in choosing a college? Check all that apply
9. Which of the following is a liability? Check all that apply.
10. Which of the following do you need to open a savings account?
11. Which is NOT a factor in determining your credit score?
12. What is diversification for an investment portfolio?
13. What is a circle of competence?
14. Which of the following types of loans usually have the lowest interest rates?