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Lubbock MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Survey

Thank you for being part of Walk and Bike Lubbock. Your answers to this survey will help put together a plan that helps create a unified and integrated regional bicycle and pedestrian system that connects people of all ages and abilities and encourages them to walk or bike for transportation or recreational purposes in a safe manner. (This is the plan vision) 

The survey should take about 5 to 7 minutes to complete and is divided into two parts:  questions about your desire to and experience with biking in Lubbock and questions about your desire to and experience with walking in Lubbock.  We ask that you respond to questions in both parts, even if you don’t do a lot of either walking or biking.  And, encourage your family and friends to complete the survey, too!

If there are specific locations where you feel walking and biking works or is in need of improvements, tell us on the Walk and Bike Lubbock WikiMap.  Click here to get started. You’ll also see comments from others. 

Like us on Facebook and check Walk and Bike Lubbock website for a calendar of events and other information. 

1. What is your primary affiliation to Lubbock, Texas?
2. What is your gender?
3. What is your age group?
4. Do you own a motor vehicle?
6. Which phrase below best describes your bicycling skill level?
For the next five questions, describe your bicycling in Lubbock by selecting the answer that best fits.
7. I bicycle to get places, such as to the store or to work.
8. I bicycle for recreational purposes.
9. I bicycle for exercise.
10. I bicycle to run errands.
11. I bicycle to save money on gas.
12. Select up to 3 statements that complete the phrase: I might ride my bike more if...
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13. What destinations would you most like to ride to on a bicycle?
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14. Would you be interested in taking a bicycle education course?