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San Leandro Residential Broadband Survey

Welcome to the San Leandro Broadband Survey

The City of San Leandro, together with Magellan Advisors, is developing a Fiber Optics Master Plan to guide the expansion and development of broadband, wireless, and other “smart city” services in our community.

We would like to know more about residential internet service in the city. Please help us by completing this survey about your home internet service. It will only take 5-10 minutes and your feedback will directly impact our master plan!

Because we know how valuable your time is, we give $25 gift cards to four randomly selected respondents. To be eligible for the drawing you must complete the survey and enter your email address at the end.

Please, complete this survey if you choose and/or pay for services for your home, or ask that person to complete this survey. Provide information about your primary residence in San Leandro.

If you have broadband, use a computer directly plugged into your internet router. Avoid using wireless connected computer because that affects the speed test.

If the location does not have broadband you may complete this survey from any internet connected device, or you can request a printed survey form by contacting us at

Answer all questions to the best of your knowledge but don't worry about getting answers exactly right. If you're unsure about an answer just make an estimate. A good guess is better than a blank answer.