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ipCapabilities Assessment


Welcome to our ipCapabilities Assessment

Business leaders agree that IP is vital to establishing and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage and driving business growth.

This quick and easy tool compares your organization's intellectual property asset management capabilities to best practices and peer companies. When you complete the assessment, ipPerformance will provide recommendations for moving forward.

Taking the assessment is easy:
    ipCapabilities Assessment
    IP Strategy and Planning
    IP Creation and Review
    IP Process and Management Resources
    IP Enforcement and Protection
    IP Leveraging and Licensing
    Continuous Improvement

    1. For each question, select the answer that best represents your organization.
    2. You move forward by clicking on the "Next" button on the bottom of the screen.
    3. Upon completion a Scorecard will be produced that reflects your score for each IP asset management area. Once you have reviewed the Scorecard, right-click on the page and click on "Save Page As..." and save the page to your desktop. This will enable you be print the saved page so you can retain your scorecard results.  Then click "Next"
    4. At your request, ipPerformance will compile your personalized corporate assessment report and contact you shortly with recommendations on how you can move forward.

Please Note:
If your corporation is decentralized with multiple business units, we recommend that you or another person complete an ipCapabilities assessment for each unique business. 

This is a blind survey and all responses will be kept strictly confidential and merged with all participants.