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PLOS Computational Biology Research Prize Nomination Form

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We're very excited to receive your nomination for the PLOS Computational Biology Research Prize! 

The PLOS Computational Biology Research Prize is a program to recognize outstanding work published by our community. Please submit this form for each article you wish to nominate; if you wish to nominate more than one article, you may submit this form multiple times. To show our appreciation for nominating, each complete nomination of an eligible PLOS Computational Biology Research Article published in 2017 will be entered into a random prize drawing to receive a PLOS T-shirt.

Please refer to our program page and program rules for more information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch at ploscompbiol@plos.orgLearn about our winners from 2017 in our blog!

Featured Image Credit: Ghaffarizadeh and colleagues. pcbi.1005991

1. Please select at least one Prize Category for the article you are nominating:
$2000 (USD) prize will be awarded to the authors of the winning Research Article in each category. *This question is required.
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